Company profile

Company profile

Isotopia Molecular Imaging Ltd. (“Isotopia”) was incorporated in the second half of 2006 to provide radioactive isotopes to the growing sector of nuclear medicine in Israel. The vision of Isotopia is to become the leader in the field of molecular imaging and radiotherapy both as a dependable supplier to the existing market as well as through strategic research and development with academic and private laboratories as well as the pharmaceutical, medical devices and biotechnology companies.

In 2007, Isotopia became the first company in many years to succeed in obtaining all required approvals from the State Ministry of Health to operate a nuclear pharmacy. The pharmacy is approved to manufacture and supply both SPECT and PET isotopes and operates under strict Quality Control Procedures QCP using highly advanced technologies and equipment.

Isotopia operates a PETtrace Cyclotron manufactured by GE Healthcare. The system can be configured with various targets/process systems for production of common PET radioisotopes.
At present, Isotopia supplies 18F-FDG & 18F-NaF to leading medical centers in Israel and is becoming involved in research and development with tracers that are not currently available in Israel including 18F-Miso, 18F-FES & 18F-Choline.

Since starting commercial operation in October 2007, the Company has already gained a significant share of the PET isotope and SPECT market in Israel and is headed to be the major player in the local Molecular Imaging market .

Isotopia was founded by a highly trained group of senior professionals experienced in operating a radiopharmacy, together with Canadian investors.

The team of well trained and experienced nuclear engineers, laboratory technicians and operators include Nuclear Pharmacists with board certified in Radiopharmacy from Purdue University. All members of the staff are certified by Israeli authorities to work with radioactive materials. Isotopia operates an independent licensed distribution service of nuclear isotopes to its customers. It has no institutional affiliation.

Canadian Investors: Isotopia is funded by the Metrontario Group and Ranjo Investments Limited, private Canadian-based companies involved in financing a portfolio of investments in the Israeli healthcare sector. The investors provide financial and management services to the company. Over the last few years the investors have also been actively involved in different aspects of the Life Science sector, including the development of advanced medical devices such as focused ultrasound (Insightec); Human Genomics (Rosetta Genomics); and new advances in cancer therapy (Tiltan Pharma).

Isotopia’s experienced team, together with its radio-nuclear pharmacy and cyclotron facility, provide a sound platform for successful commercial activities and research and development initiatives in collaboration with the leading medical centers in Israel.

Isotopia is working to bring to our customers the next generation of products for molecular imaging that will allow a more precise diagnosis and improved therapy planning. We are interested in collaboration with the medical & scientific community to further develop and trial new markers in molecular imaging. As we move forward with our vision to grow the company Isotopia is looking for strategic partners in the field of procurement, production and international sales of cyclotron produced isotope, radiopharmaceuticals and related molecular imaging technologies as well as new advance in the area of radiotherapy.


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