Corporate Identity & Branding

Corporate Identity & Branding

Corporate Identity & Branding –

  • Manufacturing company
  • The customer is in the center of our marketing strategy.


  • At Isotopia we aspire to lead the field of molecular imaging and diagnosis/ Isotopia is a leading company in the field of molecular imaging and diagnosis. We develop, manufacture and distribute advanced and innovative tools to  provide meaningful medical care for patients, first and foremost.
  • The company has solemnly undertaken to realize its goals and fulfill its commitments to its employees, clients and providers.
  • The company’s independence and strength is the basis for its growth.


  • Focus – Exhaust all means and concentrate on the goal.
  • Commitment – Reach goals without compromise.
  • Simplicity – practice, procedures, Contracts.
  • Employee welfare and empowerment – promotion, development and enrichment plan.
  • Order, Organization, systematical–corporate role, responsibilities, measures, evaluation and assessment.
  • Cooperation and collaboration.



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