Dr. Eli Shalom
Dr. Eli Shalom CEO & Co- Founder & R&D Mng.

an experienced radiopharmacist. Prior to founding Isotopia he was involved for eight years in the research and development and production of SPECT and PET isotopes in the National Nuclear Research Center at Nahal Soreq. With a Ph.D degree from the Hebrew University (Jerusalem) in the Synthesis of Novel Amine [18F] Fluorocyanoboranes & Amine [18F] Fluorocarboxyborane Esters, Dr. Shalom is regarded as one of the leading professionals in this sector in Israel. He is well known as a knowledgeable researcher with practical applications in product development of radio-isotopes including SPECT & PET tracers. Dr. Shalom has a registered patent in this field as well as many publications in the professional literature.

Yossi Shohet
Yossi Shohet Co- Founder& Engineering Mng.

a highly experienced mechanical and nuclear engineer with a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering and M.Sc. in Nuclear Engineering, both from the Ben Gurion University (Beersheva). Eng. Shohet was the project manager in charge of the establishment of the cyclotron site at the Soreq Nuclear Research Center and managed the operation of the cyclotron for the past seven years. Through his work Eng. Shohet has gained vast experience in setting up and operating cyclotron sites and hot laboratories. He is considered to be the leading engineer of this field in Israel today.

Keren Moshkoviz
Keren Moshkoviz Director of Business Development

joined isotopia from the Foundation in 2007 as the company's customer service and support. keren has taken on very quickly the sales and marketing division and managed the department for the last six years, during which she launched the unique diagnostic product Ga-68 PSMA and approve it for reimbursement by MOH.
Currently manages the business development department and a student at Tel Aviv University studying Health System Director. The first product launched under the Business Development Lu177-PSMA as a unique and innovative therapy for the treatment of prostate cancer.
Keren's focus today is to identify trends and opportunities in nuclear medicine, to bring new technologies and promot collaboration with global manufacturers.

Eyal Gimshi, M.Sc
Eyal Gimshi, M.Sc VP Operations, Plant Manager

Eyal Gimshi joined Isotopia from the company onset, initially as an accelerator operator on a part-time basis, while studying towards his bachelor degree in Nuclear Engineering. Subsequently Eyal became a full-timer and completed his master's degree in Nuclear Engineering from Ben Gurion University, his thesis on a research project using the cyclotron in Isotopia. In his role as Chief Operating Officer Eyal has successfully steered the corporate operation to a highly efficient and advanced radiopharmaceutical producer.
Eyal holds a MBA in technology management, is happily married and a father of 2 beautiful daughters.

Moad Esa
Moad Esa QA Manager

Moad joined Isotopia as a part-time pharmacist while studying towards his master degree in neurophysiology.
Moad is a certified radio-pharmacist, graduated the nuclear pharmacy certificate program held by Purdue University, USA.
In 2013, Moad was appointed to establish the quality assurance department in Isotopia. He succeeded in getting an ISO9001 certificate and an approval from MOH to hold Marketing Authorization for several medicinal products, which are being imported and distributed to hospitals in Israel according to GDP guidelines.
Today, Moad is managing the QA department in Isotopia.