iba IBA Molecular, Offering a comprehensive range in Nuclear MedicineFulfilling the needs of our customers can not be conceived in part only. Our productOffering reflects our commitment to offer a complete radiopharmaceutical solution tonuclearists, from widespread to niche indications. With major applications in

Oncology, Cardiology and Neurology, in PET, SPECT and Therapy, our range is one of the most comprehensive in the industry.

 rotop ROTOPPharmaka GmbH has its roots in the former Central Institute of Nuclear Research in Rossendorf, Germany, where production of radioactive substances was started as early as 1958, shortly after the research reactor was put into operation. From these early beginnings, it has developed into one of the leading radiopharmaceutical centres in the world. The ROTOP logo was created as an identifying label for “ROssendorf isoTOPes” and their high quality. Its extensive range of products includes the production and distribution of 99mTc generators and 99mTc kits.
 biodex Biodex Medical Systems, Inc., has been providing customers with innovative products and service excellence for more than 60 years. Our dedicated employees work as a team to bring the promise of functional and elegant design to life.It all begins with our belief in science-based solutions. Once the Biodex development team isolates a problem or requirement in the field we begin exploring possible responses. After a review of the literature and feedback from field luminaries, our engineers use cutting-edge technology to create products that are exceptionally functional, durable and user-friendly.
 radqual RadQual, LLC, is the premier developer of innovative quality control products for the nuclear medicine and PET imaging communities.RadQual is the only remaining American-owned provider of SPECT imaging radioactive sealed sources for routine quality control. Our quality products are manufactured in Idaho Falls, ID, and distributed worldwide through a select group of dealers and nuclear pharmacies.RadQual’s goals are straightforward: Quality Products, Fair Prices, Superior Service, and Fidelity to our Clients. We at RadQual are proud of who we are and what we do.
 kiran KIRAN, As global leaders in the field of imaging accessories and radiation protection products, Bringing life to light is more than just our motto. It is a promise we make to all our customers, channel partners, employees, and to all our stakeholdersKiran products are made with precision and responsibility at our state-of-the-art testing facilities. Each of our products meets and exceeds international quality standards. We are also known for our unsurpassed speed and quality of delivery and after-sales service. No wonder, medical facilities in over 160 countries trust Kiran for their imaging and protection needs.We are also partner-of-choice for some of the world�s leading imaging products manufacturers: Fuji, Agfa, and Carestream (Kodak) to name just a few.
 medisystem Focused on nuclear medicine department, Medisystemresulted from the Atomic Energy Commission spin off with over 30 years’ experience in radiation protection. Medisystem offers a broad portfolio of performance and ergonomic driven solution that provides effective quality and security to nuclear medical and industry applications.Medisystem is able to provide entirely all equipment for nuclear medicine protection with standard and adapted solutions including transportation and storage of sources, hot cells, syringe transportation, injection, waste management and hot lab supplies.To support its growth and cover the increasing demand from Israël, Medisystem built a solid and successful partnership with Isotopia as a very experienced and recognized company in the territory.

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