ATOMLAB™ Wipe Test Counter BIODEX

ATOMLAB™ Wipe Test Counter BIODEX

Up to 50 wipe locations can be entered as a restricted area, unrestricted area, sealed source or package. The results are displayed
in dpm, cpm, μCi or kBq.

The system consists of a lead shielded 2″ x 2″ sodium iodide (NaI) well detector and a 64 channel multi-channel analyzer. The
displayed energy range (spectrum) is 0-800 KeV, which is typically found in nuclear medicine departments. The wipe counter is designed to meet or exceed all NRC (10 CFR 35.70, 10 CFR 20.1906 and 10 CFR 35.2067) and state wipe test requirements. There are automated programs for the quality assurance functions: calibration, FWHM, chi-square and minimum
detectable activity (MDA).
Wipe test results and QA test data can be stored in memory and printed at any time.


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