CisBio’s QUADRAMET is indicated for the relief of bone pain in patients with multiple painful osteoblastic skeletal metastases which take up technetium [99mTc]-labelled biphosphonates on bone scan.
The presence of osteoblastic metastases which take up technetium [99mTc]-labelled biphosphonates should be confirmed prior to therapy.

Each ml of solution contains 1.3 GBq Samarium [153Sm] lexidronam pentasodium at the reference date (corresponding to 20 to 46 μg/ml of samarium per vial) Samarium specific activity is approximately 28 – 65 MBq/μg of samarium.
Each vial contains 2-4 GBq at the reference date.
Samarium-153 emits both medium-energy beta particles and an imageable gamma photon, and has a period of 46.3 hours (1.93 days).


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