Fluorodeoxyglucose F-18 Injection [F-18 FDG]

Fluorodeoxyglucose F-18 Injection [F-18 FDG]

Fluorodeoxyglucose F18, (2-deoxy-2[18F]fluoro-D-glucose), Injection is an intravenous, diagnostic radiopharmaceutical for Positron Emission Tomography (PET).

FDG is absorbed in tissues in a manner similar to glucose, to assist in the evaluation of malignancy in patients with known or suspected abnormalities. As it is absorbed, the hypermetabolic process is “marked” by the isotope included in the compound. FDG is currently the strongest practical work tool in the PET sector.

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Procedure Guideline for Tumor Imaging with 18F-FDG PET/CT 1.0*

EANM/SNMMI Guideline for 18F-FDG Use in Inflammation and Infection*


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