NanoHSA (Albumin Colloid)

NanoHSA (Albumin Colloid)

Kit for radiopharmaceutical preparation of a radiopharmaceutical diagnostic drug. NANOTOP is radiolabelled with Sodium pertechnetate (99mTc) injection obtaining 99mTc nano-sized albumin colloid. It is used for scintigraphic imaing and assessment of sentinel
lymph nodes in tumor diseases.
Please see SPC for full list of indications.
Active substance:
1 vial contains 0.5 mg human albumin, denatured
The country of origin of the blood plasma is Belgium.


stannous (I I ) chloride dihydrate 0.2 mg, glucose
)anhydrous), Poloxamer 238, sodium phosphate
)dibasic, anhydrous), sodium phytate (anhydrous(
labelling activity: up to 5.5 GBq
labelling volume: 1 – 5 ml
incubation time: 1 0 minutes (at room temperature)
Final dilution: up to 1 :50 with saline solution (0.9%)
Shelf life after labelling: 6 hrs.
Storage conditions: 2 – 8 °C
Vials/ kit: 5


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